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Inspired MindsTime Boxing

Unter Time-Boxing (Zeitmanagement) versteht man die explizite Reservierung eines festen Zeitabschnitt für eine bestimmte Aufgabe bzw. Ziel welches man erreichen möchte.

Time-Boxing ist eine der Grundlagen einer strukturierten und somit effektiven Planung.

Praktische Betrachtung:

Pro Tag stehen jedem maximal 24 Stunden zur Verfügung. Um diese Zeit effektiv und sinnvoll zu nutzen bedarf es einer genauen Vorbereitung.

Die Panung umfasst eine Bestandsaufnahme der Tätigkeiten die wir erledigen möchten. Hierbei kann es sich um unterschiedliche Arten handeln zb. kurzfristige, mittelfristige oder auch langfristige Ziele.

Es wird weiterhin zwischen notwendigen Aufgaben und optionalen Aufgaben unterschieden für die wir jeweils bestimmte Zeitkontingente benötigen. Im folgenden ein paar Beispiele.

  • Notwendige Aufgaben (Grundbedürfnisse):
    - Schlafen
    - Essen
    - Hygiene
    - Arbeit
  • Optionale Aufgaben:
    - Gemeinschaftspflege (Freunde / Familie)

Je zeitaufwendiger eine Aufgabe bzw. ein Ziel ist desto wirkungsvoller ist richtig angewendetes Timeboxing. Das absolvieren der eigentlichen Aufgabe steht dabei genau so im Mittelpunkt wie all die anderen Tätigkeiten bzw. Ziele die wir ebenfalls erledigen möchten.

Wir haben uns zum Beispiel ein bestimmtes Ziel gesetzt. Wir setzen uns bei der vorbereitenden Tagesplanung für diese Aufgabe eine (z.Zt. noch) willkürliche Timebox von 30 min. Diese 30 min müssen realistisch in die Tagesplanung integriert werden. Es bringt nichts den Tag vollständig zu verplanen. Das bringt im Endefekt nur Fustration und dieses Gefühl gilt es von vornerein zu vermeiden. Für Anfänger ist es vorteilhaft den Tag nach dem Muster 60:40 zu verplanen dh. 60% der Zeit wird für Aufgaben und Ziele die an diesem Tag erledigt werden sollen reserviert. Die restlichen 40% dienen als Freiraum um den pro Aufgabe jeweils notwendigen Zeitbedarf zu ermitteln.

Mit der Zeit wird das Timeboxing bei kontinuierlicher Anwendung immer effizienter.

Zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt während des Tages werden diese 30 min dafür benutzt konzentriert, strukturiert an der Aufgabe bzw dem Ziel zu arbeiten. Nach Ablauf der Timebox wird die Tätigkeit beendet. Entweder wurde das entsprechende Ziel erreicht oder nicht. Der positive Effekt der Timebox ist, das es nun aufgrund der praktischen Erfahrungswerte viel einfacher ist den für diese Aufgabe tatsächlichen Zeitbedarf besser zu ermitteln.

Es kann nun abhängig von den noch vorhandenen Freiräumen in der Zeitplanung des jeweiligen Tages eine weitere Timebox für die noch nicht beendete Aufgabe zurteilen oder dies auf einen der nächsten Tage verschieben ohne die eigentliche Deadline für die Erledigung der Aufgabe zu überschreiten.

Wie man am besten beginnt: Man beginnt am besten mit einer Bestandsaufnahme sämtlicher relevanter Tätigkeiten am laufenden Tag und einer Dokumentation der Tätigkeit und benötigten Zeit (Durchschnittszeit).

Author: JerriCo
Post published: 16.03.2016

Inspired MindsProcrastination

In the last article i have shared my view about how perfectionism is blocking my creativity and efforts to get things done. Today i want to talk about procrastination which is an even bigger treat for me. In the world of today where you have instant access to an overwhelming resource of information it is very easy to get distracted. It has signs of an addiction because when you become hooked it is always more, better and faster. You are loosing the ability to concentrate and to focus on a particular task you are doing in the long run.

I experienced it after i quit World of Warcraft, which is a online role playing game in a fantasy world. You have been given tasks in the game which are presented as a brief note complemented by a very short summary of the task you are given. After y couple of years i found myself not beeing able to read through the story driven explanation of the given task. Instead i glanced at the short summary and went on.

It is not surprising that i havent touched a book for a couple of years now. Im not used to sit in a comfortable chair spending an hour or two with a quality book in my hands anymore. The reason why i dont even try to do it is simple, Distraction. I get distracted easily and fast. The smallest things will catch my attention and my thoughts will wander of. Later i realize that i have forgotten about the task i already started but abandoned because i found something more interesting to do.

In formal terms procrastination is the art of doing something (in your eyes) more fun an entertaining instead of those things you have planned to do or that need to be done. Im pretty sure everyone of us suffered from procrastination one way or another multiple times in our lifes.

There are tons of guides, tutorials, howto's on the internet which teach dozens of strategies that are meant to help you to deal with procrastination. They are all great and theoretically helpfull but i learned the hard way that these information will not be able to solve everything for you instantly. As unique as your life is as unique is the solution for your problem or like i use to call it: your challenge!

You have to find your own strategies to deal with procrastination by try and error. For me it is to minimize distractions or just cut them out totally. That means while i am writing this blog post i absolutely avoid browsing the web, checking emails and chatting with my friends until i am done. Another great concept for me is following a daily schedule in the form of a todo list where i have to cross off the tasks i have done. By going through the list i force myself to deal with those tasks i havent touched or finished.I always write a small summary about how the day went before i go to sleep. Reflecting the past is helping you to build a better future.

Another strategie which i plan to incorporate into my daily schedule is time-boxing. Time-boxing is a strategy where you assign a specific timespan for every task you plan to do. I still struggle to even start to do it because of my perfectionist nature but eventually i will get it done. I learned to be patient with myself and not treat me to harsh because otherwise i will loose interest, motivation creativity and inspiration.

Don’t judge yourself to harshly !

Author: JerriCo
Post published: 01-02-2014

Inspired MindsPerfectionism

Every child is influenced by their parents. Like them i have high expectations about life, other people and especially myself. I always felt that beeing a perfectionist isnt easy and that it is paralyzing and blocking me in every aspect of my life.

I never really thought about it. I just accepted the fact and waited until the feeling of beeing paralyzed went away. Lately ive picked up the thought and analyzed it because it hinders me to live my life the way i want it to be.

To put the challenge, thats how i call my problems, in simple words: Whenever i have a wonderfull idea i just refuse to get started because i instantly fall to my perfectionist nature. The reason why i dont even start is simple, my expectations about the outcome are to high.

Recently i was reading a blog post about a woman who taught herself to become a designer in 6 month without attending design school. Amongst all the many advices and tip she was giving, one thing stuck with me. She said: work, paint, design and KILL YOUR WORK. Yes work as hard as you can, produce alot of results and then destroy your work.

The reason why she was mentioning this important fact is the following. When you are starting with something you are usually not very good in it. You will eventually master your art/job whatever you are doing by investing alot of time on it. But you can not evolve if you can't let go. The process of creation is not a sprint, it is a marathon and takes alot of time and effort.

Attachment to your work is an emotion which is a bond that distracts you and limits your capability to focus on new things/ideas/concepts. This blog is a great teacher to let go of old habits. Since i do know that my skill in the english language isnt that good i dont expect to deliver a perfect result.

Instead i am writing this blog post and focus on the important part which is the content, my thoughts, ideas and the possibility to reach out to you, my readers. The first step to create a better version of yourself is to identify the circumstances in your life that block yourself. After you identified the problem, take your time and analyze the situation and develop strategies to turn your a problem into a challenge which helps you to fuel your creativity.

The next time when you want to give up before you even started, tell yourself: Im doing it anyway no matter what the outcome will be, because when i work hard i will improve and with it the quality of my work.

You cant expect to deliver a perfect product without working hard for it. That is not how life works!

Author: JerriCo
Post published: 29-01-2014

Inspired MindsA beginning

Every day starts with a shiny sink. That was a line that got stuck when i was reading a blog about decluttering. I am sure that everyone of us does have to deal with clutter sometimes in our lifes. But where do we start ? Why not start with something that brings joy into your life. Imagine that you come into your kitchen every morning and you will find a shiny polished sink, free from all plates, knives, forks cups aso.

This is a bi-lingual blog written in english and german and sometimes i will mix both languages just for fun and amusement. Life is best lived with a smile on your face and postive thoughts :-)

As i like to create things and ponder about life in general it was a native step to start writing about it. That way i can reflect my experiences at the end of the day. By going through the whole day im building a good foundation for the next day. You can compare it with the above example. To enjoy a shiny sink every morning you have to put some extra effort at the end of each day after you had your dinner time.

I am sharing with you everything that inspires, motivates, frustrates, energizes, and blocks me. Life is so full of possibilities and challenges that i will not run out of thoughts and ideas. As i write down my experiences i will develop my project site, this blog and my social hubs along the journey ! It would be great if you would join me on my adventure and be part of something new. Join me on twitter, bookmark my websites and check back regularly

Right before i was sitting down here to write this post i washed my dishes and cleaned my sink. Im already looking forward to tomorrow when i go into the kitchen to see the surprise i worked for!

A big thank you for this minimalistic blog theme goes to Leo Babauta from

Inspired MindsQuotes

The how of learning is deliberate practice. For example, in school and college, to develop mathematics and science expertise, we must somehow think deeply about the problems and reflect on what did and did not work. One method comes from the physicist John Wheeler (the PhD advisor of Richard Feynman).

Wheeler recommended that, after we solve any problem, we think of one sentence that we could tell our earlier self that would have 'cracked' the problem. This kind of thinking turns each problem and its solution into an opportunity for reflection and for developing transferable reasoning tools." - (Source: Internet)

"The pursuit of liberation is the pursuit of a completely authentic life. It's being fully in control of your life and your time. It's freedom from the expectations of society, of the people around you. It's freedom from your mind" - (Source: Internet)

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - Steve Jobs

"If I am not in the state of grace, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me." - Jeanne d'Arc

"Let the sun in your heart never be darkened by the shadows of this world." - JerriCo

Author: JerriCo
Post published: 15.03.2016

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